While we develop interactive software, we always think how users will enjoy using it. Do not worry if you only have the idea or your project needs to be modified, we will always provide a transparent and efficient service that your customers will value as a unique and memorable interactive experience.

  • 01____ Virtual Reality

    We create virtual experiences that transport users to simulated environments or situations. We develop 3D content with low, mid and high degrees of interactivity for entertainment, industry and marketing. 360 Video and Photography are provided as well.

  • 02____ Augmented Reality

    Superimpose relevant data onto the world around you using interactive 3D models and 2D information, be it for industrial maintenance and training, marketing and advertising, or to increase your product’s reach.

  • 03____ Game Development and Programing

    Design is our favorite battleground. Our programming team is iron-forged in C++/C# and API’s; OpenGL, Vulkan – as well as the most famous game engines like Unreal or Unity, and our proprietary engine: Lodestone.

  • 04____ VFX, 3D and Animation

    3D animation and VFX for TV, film, videogames and online media (Educational, Cultural, Business and Entertainment).

  • 05____ Spatial Sound

    When objects are out of our line of sight, one of the ways that we can perceive what’s going on around us is through sound. We provide sound spatialization technology and production to improve immersion in your virtual worlds.


We like to create interactive software that can be experienced intuitively and evokes memorable sensations. We create each virtual environment taking care of even the most detailed aspects of development to bring new immersive technologies to more people in a conscious, fun and responsible way. GameCoder Team

About Us

GameCoder Studios is located in Guanajuato, Mexico. We specialize in video game development from design to programming, for consoles, PC and Virtual Reality.

The company developed GC Engine and Lodestone Engine. We were the creators of the first Latin-American video game published and distributed worldwide by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

In 2016 GameCoder released Sophie’s Guardian, the first VR Mexican video game (Steam) which is now being licensed in VR Arcades around the world.

Case Study - Sophie's Guardian

Sophie’s Guardian is a VR Game Survival Horror FPS running under Windows PC that provides a creepy experience for players with three intense shooting modes: Guardian, Gunslinger and Puppeteer. Guardian gives you the chance to protect Sophie against the evil forces of fear. Gunslinger mode tests your accuracy and reflexes with the increasing hordes of evil dolls. In puppeteer mode one player protects Sophie and the other player triggers the evil dolls’ waves.


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Main Location

Hoyos Colorados 5,
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Guanajuato, Gto.

Phone: (+52) 01 473 109 0254